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PITO will provide you with WORLD CLASS TABLEWARE & KITCHENWARE. Oct 25

“As a child, it amazed me when my parents brought out their best collection of china on the table when entertaining friends and family. I grew up knowing that you must “put your best foot forward” when you host guests, where presentation goes hand in hand with entertaining.

color glazed dinner plate

These lessons have allowed me to develop a special eye for quality tableware. However, the search for excellent quality tableware has been a continuous road. So much so, that at one point I even painted porcelain vases to match my other crockery. I’ve searched high and low, domestically, and internationally – never missing an opportunity to look for the perfect set.

color glazed dinner set

As I’ve grown older, I’ve understood that hosting is a sensorial experience; the sound of laughter, the smell of spices the taste of flavours, and the sight and feel of quality crockery & cutlery. Remember they even say; “You taste with your eyes first”, so let the plate draw your eyes in.

Through my experiences I have developed a passion for helping others that have the same yearning for indulging their guests with elegance and sophistication. If you too would like to also take pride in your dining experience, then PITO will provide you with WORLD CLASS TABLEWARE & KITCHENWARE. Get high end dinner set from

handmade ceramic dinner set

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